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Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Services in Brenham, TX

Asphalt Maintenance Experts

Brenham Asphalt Paving Pros knows asphalt in and out, so our driveway paving contractors are able to provide long-lasting repairs that solve the problem and hold up well. With a wide range of services, whatever condition your existing asphalt driveway is in, we can help restore the smooth pavement surface and extend its life.

We Offer Both Asphalt Repairs And Maintenance

Properly maintained driveways last for decades. That is why we are proud to offer high-quality asphalt driveway repairs and maintenance to keep driveways in great shape and looking their best! Our asphalt services include:

Our experienced estimator will discuss your home project and provide a quote on repairing your driveway. If you’re not sure if your driveway needs sealcoating, resurfacing, or just a couple repairs, we are happy to advise! We are fully-licensed, have years of experience working with asphalt, and look forward to answering any driveway repair project questions you have!

Benefits of Prompt Repair and Routine Maintenance

Pavement maintenance keeps parking lots and driveways structurally sound and helps prevent costly future repairs. There are different types of maintenance and each plays a role.

Water seeps in through large holes and deep cracks. This can erode your driveway base. Asphalt repair like patching and crack sealer is the best option. Instead of just covering cracks, these repair methods prevent further damage, and addresses the underlying cause of the pot holes.

Asphalt sealcoating is best done in dry weather. Asphalt sealer helps protect asphalt surfaces from excessive drying due to exposure to UV rays. It also prevents damage from oil stains, winter salt, and water seepage. As well, pavement sealer boosts curb appeal by restoring the dark black look of fresh asphalt.

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Driveway Maintenance Services

asphalt parking lot patch

Pothole Repair

We repair potholes and patch asphalt in your driveway using a long-lasting cutting and patching method. This process removes the section of damaged asphalt pavement, then a new gravel base is laid down and compacted. After this, a new layer of hot asphalt is paved on top for a permanent fix that will hold up for years.

Driveway Crack Repair

Our professional crack repair prevents water and debris infiltration. Filling cracks before freeze-thaw cycles occur will prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. We repair cracks using an asphalt crack sealer to seal cracks that are static and unlikely to flex, and fill cracks with a rubberized crack filler that allows for future flexing and movement.

Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing your driveway restores your existing driveway with a fresh layer of asphalt. If you have an old driveway with uneven surfaces or lots of small cracks, but a sturdy foundation, then this may be the better option instead of repaving. It is cost-effective, since resurfacing costs less than asphalt replacement but still provides a completely fresh asphalt surface.

Driveway Seal Coating

Driveway sealing provides many benefits. Sealcoating with quality asphalt emulsion or coal tar pavement sealers creates a protective barrier for your entire driveway. It prevents asphalt from drying out and becoming brittle from exposure to ultraviolet rays. As well, it is a barrier for damage from gasoline and oil spills. It also restores the dark black color of fresh asphalt.