A Tour of the Historic Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham, TX

Nestled just 12 miles outside of Brenham, TX, lies the Giddings Stone Mansion. Built in the 1880s, this captivating Victorian home has been providing visitors with a glimpse into life in the 1800s for over 130 years. Known for its lavish exterior, this stately residence was once owned by wealthy entrepreneurs, Texas politicians, and Confederate officers. Located at the center of a working cattle ranch, the Giddings Stone Mansion stands proudly, marking a period of the past when modern technologies were yet to be introduced. Built-in 1882, the Giddings Stone Mansion was designed by Thomas J. Whiteman, an architect from Galveston, Texas. It was initially intended to be used as a summer home for horticulturist and entrepreneur Peter Giddings and his wife Amelia, a distant relative of President Grover Cleveland. Learn more here.

The home was constructed out of limestone quarried onsite and included amenities such as grand parlors and fireplaces of Italian marble and stained-glass windows. When construction was finished, the neoclassical mansion stood more than 75 feet tall and measured a diameter of 120 feet. The exterior of the home features various neo-Romanesque decorations, such as bay windows and columns sculpted in limestone. It is also famously known for its magnolia trees, which have been growing since the home was first built. Throughout the years, the Giddings Stone Mansion has undergone many changes as it has been passed from generation to generation. After the Giddings family sold the mansion in 1903, its owners changed several times. It has been occupied by politicians such as Texas Governors W. Lee O’Daniel and Greg Abbott, as well as Confederate officers during the Civil War. In 1975, the home was purchased by Dr. William Schollmeier and his wife, who has since worked to restore it to its original beauty and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Learn more about Discover the Magic of Toubin Park, Brenham, TX.